Q: Where is SPL? Are you U.S. started and based?
A: SPL is located and was started in the United States.

Q: Is the data secure that SPL receives?
A: Yes all servers are located within the United States. All the informations upon you personnal identity is NOT hosted on connected servers

Q: Who has access to the data entered into database ?
A: Everybody has access to our database, but only for objects, not your identity or personnal information. All authorized law enforcement personnel could have more informations but based only on a crime inquiry.

Q: How many officers’ from each department can submit searches?
A: There is no limit to the number of officer's that can submit searches and without special login ar authorisation.

Q: Where can I access information ?
A: From any Internet capable computer that utilizes a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) or an iPad and some larger view Smartphones.

Q: Is the system expensive ?
A: No its Free.

Q: Is information in the database searchable ?
A: Yes, only with serial number. We suggest that if you have an item that was stolen (i.e. home burglary) that you enter the item into the system along with a possible

Q: Who created the system ?
A: The software-database was created and is owned by our company. ""All technical advices have been a law enforcement officer in New Jersey with development assistance, security and continual updates""

Q: What is the objective of  your system?
A: To connect law enforcement agencies in the U.S. to a single database so that we create a pro-active approach for lawn enforcement agencies to search and review the sale with searching for and finding stolen items due to burglaries and other illegal means. Overall our goal is to assist police agencies to better assist victims of property crime. Plus the ability to control any object with the serial by all private people and freely ! This concept will be unique to track and trace all objetcs in the USA.

Q: I want to record and input goods on you system, how can I do this?
A: Simply create an account, log in and input all informations regarding your objects. It will cost you 2$/year each object. Usually a 20$ will mostly cover your objects. For each new account we offer 6 months free so that the first amount will be for 18 months.