Record your articles before the burglary. After it is too late!

In case of stealing, burglary, destruction through fire or loss of an object such as your camera, laptop, bike, guitar … you probably know that without any precise identification, lodging a complaint and so finding back your objects will be quite impossible.

An FBI 2012 crime report shows 1 in every 36 homes in the US will be burglarized.
All of these statistics do NOT include theft by larceny (property stolen from cars and property stolen where buildings/residences were not illegally entered).
If some is walking down the street and steals a bicycle off of someone's front porch, that is a larceny and is not included in those numbers.

Providing an accurate description (brand, model, serial number, personal mark, photograph ..) allows the identification of your stolen goods by the public and the police. It can make the restitution of your lost or stolen goods much easier.

Together we can create your secure personnal inventory. Do it now !