Dreadbox Murmux. Full Analog Vintage Monophonic Synthesizer - 800€ -

2 Voltage Controlled (VC) oscillators with suboctave - Saw and Square wave with 4 octaves control - VC 4-pole 24db/octave state variable Filter (Low Pass or High Pass) - White Noise Generator
Patchable: Sample & Hold, Attenuator, Voltage Inverter
Patchable Inputs: Clock In (4 stage mode) Osc1, Osc2, Filter, Amp, CVs
Patchable Outputs: 4 stage mode, LFO, Envelope Generator White Noise, Osc1 saw + square
Triangle wave LFO modulation - 4 step modulator - VC Amp
2 Envelopes - 1 for the Amp & 1 for the Filter
External Audio Input - MIDI IN, MIDI THROUG
Controlable via Midi Keyboard or Analog Keyboard (CV Gate)
Completely Handmade, everything crafted by hand, with love. Electronics by Dreadbox and enclosure by Black Science